Monday, January 2, 2012

I Pledge Allegiance to My Writing

A new year has begun -- time to think about beginnings.

I attended a church service on New Year’s Day at a rather non-traditional church. The minister is a good friend of mine. She’s also a writer. She said in her lesson that day that she’s never been able to keep a New Year’s resolution. (My New Year’s resolution is always that I’m going to stop cussing. Like my friend, Renee, I have never been able to keep my New Year’s resolution either.) So Renee suggested that we make a pledge to ourselves instead. She even offered a sheet of paper with eleven pledges that focus on spiritual development. This got me to thinking about how this tool could be handy for writers as well.

My pledges to myself:

This year I write a transformative writing blog once a week. (If I miss one week, then I’ll blog twice the next week.)

This spring I put together my book on transformative writing.

This summer I write a draft of a novel.

That’s probably enough. I could get all grandiose and make a lot of promises that I couldn’t keep, but this is a good start.

WIY: What are your intentions for your writing this year? Will you write a set amount of words each day? Each week? Do you have a specific project you want to start? How long will it take you to complete the project? Write your goals, your intentions, your pledges down on a sheet of paper. Then sign your name and date it.

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